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Beni Mrirt "Diamonds" from 60x90 cm

Beni Mrirt "Diamonds" from 60x90 cm

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Care for wool carpets (Beni Ourain, Beni Mrirt, Azial): The carpets can be vacuumed without rotating or knocking brushes. We recommend occasionally beating or shaking the carpet, this effectively removes dust and dirt and the carpet looks wonderfully fresh again.

We will send you detailed care instructions after your purchase. If this has not arrived, please send us an email to

Care for flat-woven carpets (kilims, zanafis): The carpets can also preferably be vacuumed without rotating or knocking brushes, but the simple brush can remain activated. Here too, it is advisable to occasionally beat out the carpets or shake them vigorously.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time:

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Free shipping for Germany. We ship worldwide, the exact shipping costs are listed here .

In the event of a return, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs. We ship our carpets and basket bags in parcel format with DHL. To avoid returns, we recommend personal advice, which is always free.

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(+49) 0221 53000968

Custom Order: This rug is made to order. Please select the desired size. If the size you need is not listed, please contact us, we can usually add your desired size quickly!

Diamonds is a luxurious and classic Berber rug that will take any interior to the next level. It combines tradition and modernity like no other and brings the very special character of a unique piece into your home.

Production: Our Beni Mrirt Berber carpets are traditionally made by hand in small cooperatives. In traditional production, soft new wool from highland and pasture sheep is still used. This is where unique, unique pieces are created in a very original way. A Beni Mrirt embodies tradition and modernity like no other Berber carpet and represents the rich culture of the Berbers. Not only is it a unique design, it is also incredibly durable and manufactured to a high quality.

  • 100% sheep's wool (new wool).
  • Production time, depending on size, 3-5 months or by arrangement.
  • Fair production in direct cooperation with small cooperatives.
  • High quality through traditional, time-consuming production in the region of origin.

Unique piece: Because it is handmade, each carpet is unique with small differences.

Advice: For advice, please send us images, your questions and also a telephone number if you would like a call back!

Payment: You can complete your order by advance payment/bank transfer. The order must only be paid for as soon as the carpet can be delivered. The payment method can later be changed to another payment method (e.g. Paypal). Please note that with the order you are making a legally binding purchase.

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