Die richtige Teppichgröße finden - einfach & unkompliziert

Finding the right carpet size - simple and uncomplicated

The right size carpet

In our opinion, there are no fixed standards or specifications on the way to the perfect carpet in the right size! However, based on our many years of experience, we may have a few good and helpful tips for you! So feel free to relax and maybe grab a cup of coffee or tea? In any case, we have almost always found the right carpet size for our customers! And that brings us to an important point: despite everything, you still don't know how to proceed on your own? That's not a bad thing, because detailed advice on finding a carpet is always free of charge, so feel free to contact us !

Your taste

Your taste and priorities ultimately determine the right rug size! You decide whether it should be a small or large carpet! Because a carpet can and should be a purchase for life, especially the tough and universal Berber carpets are wonderful for a long-lasting relationship!

Basically, we can roughly differentiate between small and large carpets and their effect. Small carpets are ideal for the modular look, regardless of the area. You can also move a small carpet a little or quickly knock it out on your own on the balcony or terrace. So it is particularly handy, for some this is a very important argument. A large carpet, on the other hand, always has the effect of enlarging the space and is able to visually enlarge living areas, whereas smaller carpets do not do this. So if it is particularly important to achieve a certain effect with the carpet, to make a statement or to enlarge the living area, then it should definitely be a large carpet!

The most important tools for sizing, along with your own taste and intuition, should be masking tape and a folding rule. Many people have already found the perfect carpet size, because the masking tape (painter's tape) can be used to stick different sizes on the floor and remove them without leaving any residue. You can then measure the size that suits you most using the folding rule. In the following sections we would like to walk you through the different rooms. You are welcome to skip to the section that is important to you.

The living room

1st option: Small to medium sized carpets from 120x200cm.

This option is, above all, very practical. But it doesn't necessarily make for an extra cozy look. Possible in both small and large rooms. The carpet should extend at least 10-20 cm beyond the seating area.

2nd option: Large carpets measuring approx. 200x300cm or slightly smaller. The carpet is large enough to look wonderful in the room and to visually enlarge the living area, but also to delimit it. Possible in both small and large rooms.

3rd option: the extra large carpet from 220x320 cm plus. This is fundamentally not just suitable for large rooms! Our customers are always surprised at how well large carpets look even in small rooms, because they enlarge the seating area and provide a lot of coziness.

The bedroom

A bedroom without a carpet is of course only half as comfortable, so it makes sense to lay out one large carpet, two smaller carpets or a runner!

1st option: A small runner measuring 40-70x140-200 cm at the foot end is particularly suitable if you like to sit at the end of the bed or have a small bench there. Alternatively, two small carpets (from approx. 60x110cm) or runners can be placed to the right and left of the bed.

2nd option: A small to medium-sized carpet at the bottom of the bed, with the carpet being pushed slightly under the bed. The carpet can stick out a little on both sides (at least 20cm), so you should base the size of the carpet on the bed. Carpets from 120x180 cm are suitable here.

3rd option: the carpet can also be large in the bedroom! Carpets measuring 200x300 cm or more are also suitable for a particularly cozy look, so that the carpet covers the area around the bed.

The kitchen

There are of course many options for laying out a carpet in the kitchen; you can play with the size here. Basically, we are happy to recommend ours when it comes to the kitchen Kilims , as they are very quick and easy to clean. But wool carpets are also an option if, for example, the kitchen is not used excessively. The virgin wool in our carpets still has the natural protective film made from wool fat, which makes them very resistant to dirt!

1st option: a runner from 70x200 cm, if necessary always adapt to the size of the kitchen. Runners are also made relatively quickly, so you can always have them made to your desired size .

2nd option: a small carpet from 60x100 cm as a modular solution.

Dining area and hallway

The size of the rug for the dining area depends primarily on the size and shape of the table. For round tables, you have to use square carpets in the case of Berber carpets, as the original is not available in round ones. Otherwise, the rule of thumb is to add around 70-80 cm from the edge of the table (on all sides). But of course this can vary somewhat depending on your taste. Large and occasionally medium-sized carpets are usually suitable for this area. While there is often room for runners and small carpets (from 60x100 cm) in the hallway!

The children's room

Especially here there are no limits to your imagination, the soft Berber carpets are wonderful for spending many hours of cozy play on, our kilims are also wonderful and are also made from virgin wool. Depending on the size of the room and the layout of the furniture, medium to large carpets , as well as runners and small carpets, are suitable for peripheral areas.

1st option: a large carpet from 200x300cm for a cozy play area.

2nd option: a medium-sized carpet from 120x200 cm, other sizes as required.

The study

We are spending more and more time in the “home office”, which is one more reason to furnish it with a cozy Berber carpet.

1st option: a small carpet the width of the desk can visually delimit the work area, make it compact and enhance it.

2nd option: The spacious solution, with a medium-sized or large carpet the entire work area or the entire work space can be made comfortable!

Of course, there are many other ways to lay out a carpet in the study or work area, only these two options are mentioned here. We are always happy to advise you free of charge on your specific situation.

We look forward to your message: info@touda.de or write to us using the contact form.

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