Ein Beni Ourain für Svenjas Traumzuhause

A Beni Ourain for Svenja's dream home

Welcome to Vienna in Svenja's fantastic old apartment! High windows and ceilings, warm, honey-colored parquet, of course a Beni Ourain cannot be missed.

How nice that we were able to make the right Berber carpet in a zigzag pattern for Svenja. Svenja wanted something that not everyone had yet, but at the same time she thought it was a good idea to take up the herringbone parquet pattern and bring some structure to the carpet. It was also important to her that the carpet looked bright and yet natural. That's exactly what makes a well-cleaned wool, it's neither white nor yellow. She is now the happy owner of a new Beni Ourain from Touda and tells you on her blog how she experienced it being made by us and how satisfied she is with the end result. A great article, with impressive and beautiful pictures. Click here for the article .

"I had the zigzag pattern I just mentioned in mind, which you rarely find. I really wanted to find that in the right size and of course with the lightest possible wool. Sarah had this rug made for me and it turned out exactly like that, as I dreamed of it."

Svenja from the Dream Home blog.

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