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Founding & idea

We founded Touda® in 2010, our idea: a unique label for traditional, authentic and exclusively handmade Berber carpets from Morocco (at that time there were also a few other handmade accessories in the range). Our special concern: to reach the families who live in the most remote parts of the Atlas Mountains and who no one else can reach. On the one hand, these families still have incredibly authentic knowledge regarding the production of Berber carpets and, on the other hand, these families need our support most urgently!

But a little more about our history: Soufiane herself is Berber and comes from the High Atlas region. We discovered the carpets (especially the Beni Ourain carpet) on our first trips together and finally went looking for traces in Morocco. At that time, within our own family, Boucherouite carpets were mainly made (rag rugs/recycled carpets), but it quickly became clear to us that the Beni Ourain carpets came from a completely different region.

In search...

During our search we came across many so-called "Beni Ourain" and many things that we did not want to support. Carpets were chemically lightened to make them easier to sell, or they were terribly yellow because the wool was very poorly cleaned. We had to look for the original craft, which became increasingly clear. Finally we met Mimuna, a warm-hearted Berber woman from the deepest Atlas Mountains. One of those places where only occasionally a trader would get lost, remote, lonely and rough. It was exactly here that we found the truly original Berber carpet, the Beni Ourain, which was still made in the old way. The handwork convinced us and since there was a close connection to Mimuna through the families, it quickly became clear that we were in the right place. Mimuna is now our helping hand on site and coordinates all orders and distributes them to the families, exactly the families that no one else can reach and who still knot their carpets in the traditional way at home. This is exactly where the uniquely high quality is created, as you would expect from an original. Mimuna discusses the pattern with the women, gets wool if it is missing and constantly checks that everything is going well during the production process.

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Beni Ourain and other Berber carpets

In addition to the Beni Ourain, there are of course many other great Berber carpets from other regions. These also have their rightful place in the colorful repertoire of Berber carpets and are the cultural heritage of the most diverse Berber tribes. We are incredibly happy that we can stay true to our idea here too. We work with small cooperatives in the Mrirt region, where the unique Beni Mrirt comes from. Soufiane's own family occasionally produces Azilal carpets and Boucherouite.

And last but not least, if you haven't read it elsewhere: what does Touda actually mean? Touda is the popular name of many young Berber women, an old traditional Amazigh name, that's what the Berbers call themselves, it means "free person". Touda represents all the talented Berber women who learned the craft of weaving through play from an early age, but who almost always had the privilege of being able to go to school. Touda is the woman who lives in the here and now and preserves the ancient crafts.

You can find a detailed article about the authenticity and production method of the original Beni Ourain in the journal .

An overview of the manufacturing methods can be found here .

You can also find living inspiration for our products in our gallery .

If you have any questions or suggestions, we (Sarah and Soufiane) would be happy to receive a message: info@touda.de

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Enter customer opinion:

Beni Ourain

Der Beni Ourain ist ein Berberteppich aus dem Herzen des Mittleren Atlas Gebirge in Marokko. Die außergewöhnlichen Teppiche aus reiner Schurwolle werden bei uns noch ganz traditionell innerhalb der Berberfamilien gefertigt.


Beni Mrirt

Der Beni Mrirt Berberteppich stammt aus der Region Mrirt-Khenifra. Der Berberteppich ist, ähnlich dem Beni Ourain, mit sehr hochwertiger Wolle geknüpft, unsere Beni Mrirt werden noch traditionell in kleinen Kooperativen hergestellt.



Der Azilal Teppich stammt aus der Region Tadla-Azila, der Ebene und dem Hohen Atlas Marokkos. Die Knüpfung der Azilal Teppiche besteht aus einem einfachen Knoten und einem typischen, kurzen Flor.



Das Kunsthandwerk des Webens, vor allem das der Kelim Teppiche, ist noch in ganz Marokko verbreitet. Der Berberteppich wird flach gewebt in vielen zahlreichen Musterungen.