Berber carpets

Berber carpets from Morocco

It is a world of its own, the world of original Berber carpets from Morocco, made by talented families in direct and fair collaboration. For us, not only quality is our top priority, but also the sustainable promotion of this wonderful handicraft.

Our Berber carpets tell stories and carry the soul of Morocco. Each carpet is a unique masterpiece, handmade according to ancient traditions and with great attention to detail.

What is a Berber carpet from Morocco?

Basically, the mountain term "Berber carpet" is a generic term for all handmade carpets that are made from the tradition of the Berbers ("Amazigh" meaning "celebrated person"). There are also Berber carpets in other Arabic-speaking countries. Our comments refer specifically to Berber carpets from Morocco.

The tribes living in Morocco developed their very own types of carpets, which above all had to be durable, but also served to beautify and increase the quality of life. They offered a soft luxury to the harsh nomadic life and protected the Berbers from the harsh cold of the ground in the cooler months. Since 2010, we have been a reliable partner for original and fairly manufactured carpets from Morocco and were actually one of the first online shops to bring the popular Beni Ourain (again) to Germany. The term "Berber carpet" does not only mean the typical short-pile and compact Berber carpet with the typical brown patterns, but is also a generic term for a number of very different types of carpets that are made by the Berbers. These can be flat-woven carpets (kilims) and also the typical pile carpets with different pile heights and pile densities. The main material is almost always sheep's wool, occasionally materials are added and there is also cotton and, more rarely, synthetic wool. Recycled carpets (Boucherouite), similar to rag rugs, are also available in the repertoire. Further down on this page you will find further information about the respective Berber carpet.

The origin of the individual carpet types within Morocco

The different Berber carpets are usually named after their region or the respective Berber tribe. A trained eye can recognize the type of carpet by the weave, the wool and, if necessary, the specific patterns. A Beni Ourain carpet has a different weave than a Beni Mrirt carpet, and an Azilal carpet also has a different weave and pile length. All types of carpet can now be purchased from larger weaving mills within Morocco, but this no longer has as much to do with the original, traditional production. The authentic and original Berber carpets have their roots in very different regions and are traditionally made at home and in small cooperatives.

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Beni Ourain

Der Beni Ourain ist ein Berberteppich aus dem Herzen des Mittleren Atlas Gebirge in Marokko. Die außergewöhnlichen Teppiche aus reiner Schurwolle werden bei uns noch ganz traditionell innerhalb der Berberfamilien gefertigt.


Beni Mrirt

Der Beni Mrirt Berberteppich stammt aus der Region Mrirt-Khenifra. Der Berberteppich ist, ähnlich dem Beni Ourain, mit sehr hochwertiger Wolle geknüpft, unsere Beni Mrirt werden noch traditionell in kleinen Kooperativen hergestellt.



Der Azilal Teppich stammt aus der Region Tadla-Azila, der Ebene und dem Hohen Atlas Marokkos. Die Knüpfung der Azilal Teppiche besteht aus einem einfachen Knoten und einem typischen, kurzen Flor.



Das Kunsthandwerk des Webens, vor allem das der Kelim Teppiche, ist noch in ganz Marokko verbreitet. Der Berberteppich wird flach gewebt in vielen zahlreichen Musterungen.