Ein bisschen nordisch, ein bisschen mediterran.

A bit Nordic, a bit Mediterranean.

Modern with Nordic flair and a touch of Mediterranean ambience. This is the best way to describe Sandra's beautiful living style, which she shows some of on her Instagram account living.hoch3 .

In the world of Instagram interior influencers there is one who, with her account living.hoch3, presents a unique mix of Nordic interiors, inspiring travel and a practical lifestyle. What particularly stands out is the cozy living room and the beautifully designed Mediterranean terrace, which with the characteristic olive trees outside create a relaxed atmosphere.

A very special highlight in your living area is of course our Beni Ourain carpet with a classic diamond pattern! The handmade Berber carpet not only gives the living area that certain “extra”, but it was also important to Sandra that the Berber carpet was produced sustainably, fairly and traditionally. So it is not just a purely aesthetic element, but also contributes to the creation of an ethical living culture. Here we have an impressive before and after for you:

Above all, the living area should appear a little brighter and friendlier, but the coziness should not be lost! And that's the beauty of Berber carpets, they can be light, but thanks to the natural material they still radiate warmth and ensure the natural character, additional wood tones underline exactly this.

The Beni Ourain carpet is known for its timeless elegance and versatility and that is exactly what so many customers confirm to us again and again! Its characteristic, simple design fits seamlessly into Sandra's modern, Nordic interior and gives the room a warm, cozy atmosphere. The neutral colors and the traditional diamond pattern make this rug a particularly uncomplicated piece!

What also particularly distinguishes the Beni Ourain is its longevity. Thanks to the high-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship, the carpet remains in first-class condition even after years and with appropriate care. This is exactly what you can see with Sandra, because she has had the carpet for several years now (2019)!

Our Beni Ourain over time and changing living styles and tastes:

Sandra from living.hoch3 shows once again how to create a harmonious living atmosphere with well-thought-out interior decisions and high-quality, sustainable products. The authentic Beni Ourain carpet is not only a visual highlight, but also a statement about the understanding of traditional craftsmanship in our modern living culture.

Find out more about Sandra's inspiring style on her Instagram account: Living.hoch3 .

You can access the online shop with Berber carpets in stock and ready to ship immediately, as well as custom-made products, via the menu above.

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