Ein maßgeschneiderter Beni Ourain

A tailor-made Beni Ourain

A Beni Ourain for Pepper and her unique mix of styles: Scethno.

A Beni Ourain with your desired pattern, desired size and desired color? Exactly, we do this in close collaboration with the Berber women and in harmony with their traditions and techniques!

We recently received a request from Pepper from the Heimatbaum blog (addition 2023: Pepper is now only available on Instagram ).

Anyone who knows Pepper also knows her unique interior design style. A tasteful mix of Scandinavian design and ethnic-Asian elements, she has created her very own style that she calls “Scethno”. To perfect her style, of course, a real Beni Ourain, with a pattern according to her wishes, couldn't be missing! And that's exactly where Pepper's path and ours met.

You can now read on her blog what happened to Pepper's Beni Ourain with her desired pattern, how her carpet came about and what she took into account when planning it! As the icing on the cake, you will also receive valuable furnishing tips for living with carpets. So it's worth hopping over today!

Click here for the article! (Editor's note: Link removed because page no longer exists).

Please feel free to speak to us about measurements or Custom-made products, we would be happy to work with you to create your dream carpet! Email: info@touda.de

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