Wohnen mit Korb-Accessoires

Living with basket accessories

This time it's all about a beautiful Instagram account and the topic of living with basket accessories. There are accounts I can't get enough of, the one from dear Franziska aka _wohnblock_ is definitely one of them. I'm all the more pleased that Franziska is a big fan of our handmade basket accessories and that you can discover them everywhere here and there in her apartment. I also share with her, if I judge correctly, a great love for nature, flowers and coffee. And that's exactly what makes your account special: a great mix of interior, nature, flowers and most importantly: coffee!

A few natural accessories and small interiors made from natural materials work wonders. At Franziska, the love for natural wicker materials merges with simple, modern elegance, a wonderful mix of styles! Her pictures overflow with dreamy flower poetry and a love of very fine details.

And you are all eagerly awaiting it: our round basket bag from Marrakech, which is why it rightly bears the name “Marrakesh”. We are looking forward to having them back in the shop very soon. You can also find out more about our handmade basket bags here .

Our home accessories made of basket (palm leaves) were also allowed to move into the bedroom and bathroom and spread their wonderfully natural and ethnic charm. Our handmade baskets in M ​​and L can conveniently store towels, blankets, pillows, magazines and much more. You can find them here in the shop .

If you're interested in living with basket accessories, please take a look at our shop . What is currently out of stock should be restocked soon. Many thanks to Franziska for the wonderful impressions!

Follow Franziska on Instagram: _wohnblock_

If you like, take a look at our Instagram account .

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