Boucherouite - Der Reyclingteppich aus Marokko

Boucherouite - The recycled carpet from Morocco

Boucherouite - the recycled carpet from Morocco

This post was published on August 15, 2019 by Touda .

In collaboration with Pepper from the Heimatbaum blog, wonderful pictures were once again created and we are very happy to be able to pay a little more attention to our colorful Boucherouite! Because they absolutely deserve it ;).

But what exactly is a “Bou..-something” [Buschraouit]?

The name "Boucherouite" comes from the Arabic word "Shraouite" [Schraouit] and is a general term for fabric scraps, wool scraps or reprocessed wool. Recycled cotton is also used and synthetic wool can also be part of such a carpet.

The warp threads are the basis of this carpet (the woven portion) and these are usually made from recycled wool or synthetic threads. It is knotted using the materials mentioned above. The fact that certain colors (since they are recycled) are only ever present to a limited extent results in incredibly colorful patterns that reach a unique level of perfection, not least thanks to the women's creative, artistic skills.

For a long time, the colorful Berber carpet was simply the "rug of the poor Berbers", those Berbers (Amazigh) who could not afford expensive sheep's wool or had to sell their own due to a lack of money. In recent years, however, it has become a popular furnishing detail around the world. This is probably what defines our Beni Ourain : each carpet has a unique artistic signature. No carpet is produced in series; every carpet is the work of art of a Berber woman and has her very personal signature. You can find out more in the “Production” menu item.

Just like our Beni Ourain and other wool carpets, the Boucherouite are completely sustainable. For us, the Boucherouite are the little princesses of sustainable carpets, because 90% recycled material is used here!

You can find our Boucherouite here in theshop , but we are also happy to accept search orders. You can send us an email to at any time.

All images are copyrighted by Pepper Schmidt and may not be used without her permission, thank you for your understanding.

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